Virtual Health Programs Addiction

Dr. Pajak’s personal experience with addiction has helped him curate this program to address the hidden underlying causes of addiction.  His unique approach combines advanced health technologies and holistic principles to get unparalleled long lasting results.  This program was developed after helping a number of high profile patients in the Film and Television industry with chronic stress and addiction.

Who is this program for?

If you struggle with substances or behaviors that give you temporary relief or pleasure but result in negative consequences in the long run and you are having trouble stopping then this program is for you.  

Many doctors and organizations define addiction as a complex brain disorder or illness.  At The Neuro Lounge we don’t look at addiction as a disease rather an intelligent adaptation that your brain and body created as a means of safety and survival at some point in your life.  

We consistently find that life stress or trauma have caused the brain and nervous system of our clients to be stuck in a survival pattern. This pattern starts off as a useful mechanism for survival but often continues and comes up in situations where it is no longer helpful. This is called a maladaptive stress response.

When these maladaptive stress responses occur the physiology in your body becomes imbalanced and it is impossible to feel healthy and whole.  When in this state it is common to seek substances or activities that temporarily improve or correct these imbalances. Unfortunately, many of these short-term solutions that give relief lead to more long-term health and social problems.  At The Neuro Lounge we observe that when we focus on naturally improving the physiology of the brain and body and provide support and information for new behaviors and patterns, over time you will naturally no longer crave these addictive substances or behaviors. 

The Freedom from Addiction Program follows our proven 3 step process of Uncover, Upgrade and Unite and is offered in office and virtually. 

Uncover-this is where we dive deep and uncover the imbalances and deficiencies that are limiting your brain and body’s ability to function optimally.

Upgrade-using advanced biofeedback technologies and holistic health principles we upgrade your brain and body so you can function and heal at your best.

Unite- This is where we put it all together and offer accountability and behavioral support every step of the way for long lasting results.


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