Meet the Doctor

Dr. Tomek Pajak

Dr. Tomek Pajak Chiropractor

Dr. Pajak has been studying health and human performance for over 20 years. A sports injury at the age of 17 brought him to a chiropractor’s office.  Fascinated by the holistic, whole body approach the chiropractor took in helping him recover, he decided at that time that he wanted to study health and become a chiropractor.  Dr. Pajak earned his Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia and his Doctorate of Chiropractic from The University of Western States in Portland, OR.

Dr. Pajak refined his skills after graduation by working in 3 of the busiest offices in Washington State, seeing over 10,000 patient visits in his first 3 years of practice.

An injury in 2012 that was not responding to traditional chiropractic and other physical treatments prompted him to start to explore and learn how underlying emotional stress and trauma can create negative patterns of physiology that limit our body’s ability to naturally heal.  Over the next several years Dr.Pajak started learning approaches and techniques that help address stress, trauma and stuck neurological patterns in order to fully recover and heal.  This approach not only helped heal his neck and shoulder injury, but his overall health and vitality drastically improved over the next several years.

Excited to share his new knowledge and approach Dr. Pajak opened The Neuro Lounge in Vancouver, British Columbia in December 2019.

His unique approach combines holistic treatments and modern technologies such as braintap, red light therapy, and network chiropractic to help people recover from stubborn chronic conditions and optimize performance of their body and mind.  

Training and Credentials

Doctorate of Chiropractic- University of Western States

Bachelor of Applied Science Kinesiology- Simon Fraser University

Chiropractic techniques- Network Spinal, B.E.S.T., Torque Release Technique, MC2, Webster 


API-Certified Posture Expert

API-Certified Postural Neurologist

HeartMath Interventions Practitioner Certification

Myndlift NeuroFeedback Practitioner Certificate

UBC CPD Addiction Care and Treatment Certificate