• The Neuro Lounge.  We use advanced technologies and holistic health principles to help reverse the negative effects of stress on your body and mind.  We offer Neurofeedback, BrainTap light and sound therapy, Full Body Red Light Therapy, Chiropractic

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  • Our 4 Principles- Everything is Energy
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Our Goal

Optimize the energy and frequencies of your body and mind.


"Within five minutes of the brain-tap treatment my body was totally relaxed and I felt like I was floating. I left the session centered, relaxed and ready for the day."

- Scott H.


"I walked in with severe back pain and walked out almost back to normal, with just one session. Dr. Pajak is wonderful and has the most amazing and calming energy. I’m definitely a fan!"

- Dina S.


"Dr. Pajak is incredible at what he does. He customizes brain tap sessions specifically for what my body needs, and I feel such a reduction in stress afterwards."

- Tessa S.


"I am a huge fan of the red light therapy bed, I can feel my whole body vibrating with energy afterwards!"

- Sarah P.

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