Anxiety Relief Programs

Anxiety and Depression run on opposite ends of the brain spectrum where anxiety is often the result of overactivity of the brain, whereas depression is often the result of underactivity.  Interestingly anxiety and depression can affect the same person at the same time.  This is because the brain and nervous system are unable to regulate optimally to stay in a balanced state. 

At The Neuro Lounge our primary goal is the reverse the negative effects of stress on your brain and your body so you can begin to more optimally regulate your nervous system.  We do this by combining advanced health technologies with holistic health principles. 

Who this program is for:

If you suffer from anxiety and/or depression and you are looking for a long term solution without the use of drugs, then this program may be just what you are looking for.

By uncovering and addressing the underlying patterns of stress in the brain and the body we are often able to completely reverse anxiety and depression.

Our Anxiety and Depression Reset program follows our proven 3 step process of Uncover, Upgrade and Unite.

Uncover-this is where we dive deep and uncover the imbalances and deficiencies that are limiting your brain and body’s ability to function optimally.

Upgrade-Brain, Body, Behaviors.  Using advanced biofeedback technologies and holistic health principles we upgrade your brain and body so you can function and heal at your best.

Unite- This is where we put it all together and offer accountability and behavioral support every step of the way for long lasting results.

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