7 Day Neuro Upgrade Home Program

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What is the 7 Day Neuro Upgrade Home Program?

This self directed program consists of 7 science backed strategies to upgrade and optimize your nervous system and your life.  You will receive the top 7 strategies that Dr. Tomek has been using with clients at The Neuro Lounge to help reverse the negative effects of stress on the brain and the body and optimize health and performance.

What is included in the package?

1.  7 day Neuro Upgrade Home Program. $199
2.  In Office Computerized Neuro Stress HRV Assessment and printed report.  $89
3.  In office BrainTap Light and Sound Therapy Session on PEMF mat. $54
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    What is Neuro Stress HRV?

    Neuro Stress HRV (Heart Rate Variability) scan is a computerized assessment of the subtle patterns of your resting heart ECG.  By recording and assessing 28 different parameters from 5 minutes of resting heart rate data we are able to gain valuable insight into the state of your health.

    You will find out:

    - How your body is handling stress
    - How balanced your nervous system is
    - How stress is affecting your hormones and metabolism
    - How stress is affecting your brain
                 and much more!

    Neuro Stress HRV uses a technique called FFT or Fast Fourier Transform to break down the ECG signal into its frequency-component bandwidths that correspond to specific aspects of nervous system function and dynamic function of the body.

    *Heart Rate variability is considered by many to be the most comprehensive biomarker of general health and fitness.  For more info on HRV and the science behind HRV please check out our Science Section 

    **This test is not used to diagnose or treat conditions.  We use this test as a general stress screening and educational tool to discuss nervous system function and autonomic balance.

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      What is recommended following your Neuro Stress HRV Assessment?

      Depending on the results of your assessment, you have a few options. 

      1. You can try to manage your stress and nervous system on your own using the techniques provided in the Neuro Upgrade Home Program.

      2. You can become a member of The Neuro Lounge and use our technologies at a deeply discounted rate. Members can come as often as they want and receive 40% off our technology services. The membership is $29/month and includes 1 session per month. (2-3 sessions/week recommended for optimal results.)

      3. If you are looking for more personalized help with your health and performance and are interested in working one on one with Dr. Tomek the next step would be to do a in depth brain-body assessment to get more specific details about your underlying imbalances and patterns. This will allow us to develop a customized approach for your brain and body training.  This will ensure you get the fastest results possible with the highest level of accountability and support.